Sponsored by Hill Creek Christian

April 22, 2017


1515 College Way,

Mount Vernon, WA.

Welcome, Home School Parents and Educators!!

Welcome to the 5th Annual North Sound Home School Fair, sponsored by Hill Creek Christian.  HCC seeks to promote networking between home educators and their community by making educational resources and experiences better known to families in Skagit, Snohomish, and Whatcom counties and beyond. At the fair there will lectures on various educational topics, vendors for home school products, and representatives from programs and clubs your student might want to join. We encourage all who help to educate students in grades K-12 (be it home, private, or public) to come and check out all the resources we offer.  This fair is free to the public

Free Workshops!

Free Personal Consultations with Home School Parents!

Home School Vendors and Activities!

We're here to help you on your home school journey!

North Sound Home School Fair